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Offical Team D Post
September 2004
Tue, Sep. 28th, 2004 09:39 pm

I have decided to discontinue use of the livejournal almost entirely, if anyone cares I have a new "blog" at
Thank you.


Wed, Jun. 30th, 2004 11:00 pm

I am completely disgusted by my so called friends... I am disgusted by their blatant hypocrisy, I am sick of enduring their empty-headed criticisms of my decisions. I am tired of their willingness to voluter opinions I have not solicited about my personal life. I am tired of the loudmouthed ramblings of inexperienced people who belive that no one else is allowed an opinion contrary to theirs and is more that willing to tell me to shut up when I express them. These are not the behaviors of friends, but rather whiney sniviling brats who are so focused on how they belive things should be and their own selfish pleasures and opinions that they utterly neglect those around them.

As much as I love to have criticisms of my choice to be married for various reasons, namely in a nut shell that it holds me back some how, it is very clear to me that for all of the freedom of you single people you sure as hell haven't changed your lives much or really utilized your so called freedom.

Shannon you are working the same job you always have, you are too busy working to utilize your "freedom," when you do have free time you use it to escape the reality you are so fond of giving advice on.

Annica I have never seen such a horendous display of zeal without knowledge, no knowledge at all to temper you outspokeness, which ultimately makes you seem like an ass a large percentage of the time you open your mouth. I will no longer tollerate being told to shut up about anything involving romance and sexuality. I at least have romance and sexuality, it is clear to me that you are the kind which allows yourself to be summarily abused in a realtionship. I wouldn't hand out any such advice until you have an meaningfull relationship with another human being. I will not be told to shut up about the topic of suicide, I have dealt with it on a level so personaly intimate I will not expound upon it, however when you tell others to shut up you tell them their thoughts are irrelevant, my experience is not irrelevant, and if you continue this attitude, you friendship is irrelevant!

Oh, look at me I will watch one form of public intimacy, but complain about another, you are no better than those who stand in the way of same sex marriage! You are the same kind of hypocrites! You are petty bitchers!

You have left me irritated. I have dealt with these issues patiently and quitely and internaly for a long time... attempting to be forgiving, understanding of your positions, but I'm not going to subject myself to this and many other repeated abuses anymore.... I'm just tired; just tired of dealing with many things. I would love to maintain our long standing friendship, but I can no longer for my own health maintain such a relationship without some understanding from those who I called friends.

I'm sorry, but I just needed to let you know how tired I am. If you do not hate me, and if you have enough caring in you to maybe bend youselves just a little to finally understand me, and maybe consider my feelings, just contact me again. If you look in yourself and you find that you really don't care, that you think I am being completely unreasonable, than fine, to hell with you. I feel that I have asked very litte from my friends in the past, this really isn't much, really I just want to be happier.

Maybe the bottomline is this, I am very sad that you are willing to apprciate the affections of complete strangers, but you don't even have the damned decency to appreciate the affections of a close friend. It is irritating hypocrisy plain and simple.

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Thu, Apr. 22nd, 2004 05:17 pm

Sick.... I hate this.... vomited... my gag reflex is tooo strong.


Mon, Apr. 12th, 2004 10:31 pm

The written transcripts of General Conference are out, and boy am I dissapointed, more so than ever before... as many thing change, some stay constant, like Boyd K. Packers blatant sexism... that jerk. At any rate I ran into a quote given by Hinkley, it is his speech right after Packers incoherent psycho ramble about how evil everything is...

"Without surrendering any element of our doctrine, we can be neighborly, we can be helpful, we can be kind and generous."

To me this is the most dissapointing expression of all.

Every individual on the face of this planet has the opportunity to believe as they see fit, they are allowed their personal doctrine. No one can take their opinions away from them, no one can force them to participate in an activity not in harmony with their principles, and if their principles are so strong they can face the consequences that society chooses for them.

It is possilbe to do as he states, to have a specific doctrine to which one is committed and to retain those desireable attributes to which Hinckley refers, however the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has conciously chosen to take actions, supposedly based on their doctrine, which are not condusive to neighborliness, helpfulness, or even generosity. Multi-billion dollar soft money campaigns for abortions and same-sex marriage issue candidates only provide further division among peoples effected. The uses of monies going to special interst groups should also be a political red flag, but is not treated as one. Backing off on these issues, no longer wasting the money of the members on them, whether it is their money being spent directly or indirectly, would in no way compromise an element of the doctrine of the church or of the doctrine of the individuals currently members of the church. To say otherwise is complete and total bullshit especially in the case of Latter Day Saints who are to be subject to kings, rulers, and magistrates, and in obeying and sustaining the laws of their nation. There is no piece of doctrine that condones the use of monetary cohersion to promote a candidate who has a particular platform... in fact that is what the Gadianton Legacy is!

Yes, President Hinckley your statement is true, but you have not choosen to exemplify it. If you really beleived in your own words you would not be a hypocrite, a Gadianton Robber attempting to buy your agenda into politics. You would back off from wasting valuable resources on issues that the people can decide with out your condecending, overly sentimental, and dull commercials. You would instead focus exclusively on your own people, on making them better people, not the rude self-absorbed people I went to church with every Sunday, exemplifing all of those things you frown on in your talks. Perhaps if you would abandon your role as a P.R. clown and act like a moral leader you wouldn't be giving the same speech reworded every six months.

Ever since you compared the systematic use of violence in Afghanistan and Iraq to the war in heaven from the book of revelation I have lost all faith in your interpretation of reality, once again you have failed to grasp the poor condition of your own church membership and your intentional actions that are harming society on a daily basis.

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Thu, Mar. 11th, 2004 09:42 am

Refering to the president the colomnist writes....

"There have been some mistakes in his administration. I would have wished he had vetoed more, that he had opposed the McCain-Feingold campaign ''reform'' bill that endangers free speech..."

I don't even know where to begin arguing with this statement. It is true that the McCain-Feingold Bill, which the GOP has been intentionaly blocking as long as possible can be interpreted as violating a lousy Supreme Court decision from 1976 Buckly v. Valeo, which in a nut shell determined that most of the existing campaign finance reform (FECA) was constitutional, but it also that any restriction on an individuals or group's ability to spend as much as campaigns as it wanted was in violation of free speech rights. In effect the Supreme Court ended up equating free speech with the
unlimited ability for the wealthy to spend money... In other words, "soft money" is free speech and can not be regulated....

On top of that in 1996 in the Colorado Federal Campaign Committee V. Federal Election Commisions the Supreme Court in it's infinite wisdom ruled that national parties did not have to trasfer soft monies to the state parties before spending it... this made it possible for the national parties to pretend that they are an independent entity, that is independent from their candidates and therefore could collect unlimited amounts of soft monies to spend how they want. The parties had already been engaged in this practice prior to this decision, the ruling just cemented the practice.

The use of soft money is clear... they are primarily used in issue advocacy ads... these adds will praise one candidate over the opposition, but as long as the ad does not specificaly say "Vote for [name]," the monies used in it are unregulated free speech... There are other problems that have been caused by the Supreme Court rulings that I will not enumerate at this time, but the McCain-Feingold Act has some tools to combat these problems by regulating soft monies.

The existing laws did not encourage fair and free speech, but rather it does everything possible to smother it's spirit, signing this bill into law is possilbly the best thing this president will have done for his entire term in office.

You can read the entire article here.

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Mon, Mar. 1st, 2004 08:39 pm

Here is a right wing comic I ran into online today which disappointed me, not because it is right wing, but because the fellow is guilty of the same stereotyping and useless bitchiness he accuses protesters of. At any rate if any of you all bother to read it page 3 bothers me greatly.... the frame where the guy says "Don't trash the Starbucks, kids," is an allusion to the "Battle in Seattle," that is the infamous WTC protest. The group that actually commited vandalism was a very small minority of the protesters lead by a zealot. The mayors response in my opinion was unconstitutional. The protesters were not all children... there were very large and very serious labour union organizations present as well, and shared in being beaten and arrested late in the period of protest.

The last frame of the comic misses the whole point.... even if every one of those people wrote letter to their representatives the WTO would still have met in Seattle, WA. However, because of their commitment and willingess of the protesters to protest globalization out of control, the WTO was unable to conduct any business in the U.S.A. and instead located to a small island ruled by a dictatorship where any assembling could be legaly supressed.


Mon, Mar. 1st, 2004 07:03 pm

This whole Hati affair stinks to high hell. It makes little to no sense to install a leader during the Clinton Administration who is to bring a new age of peace and prosperity, and then the Bush Administration suddenly decides to back 500 armed rebels, who seem to be back by Hati's upper class. There is something definately going on there, this is no simple coup de te. It is strange, the former Presidents strongest supporters were the poor.... this seems more like a privilaged class of peoples funding a violent overthrow of one government to establish their own, but what bribe did they throw toward the Bush Administration, perhaps in time we will know. I still think of the singular emptiness in the eyes of Oliver North.... damned executive organizations!


Wed, Feb. 18th, 2004 10:51 pm

..... or maybe I am in denial.....


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Wed, Feb. 18th, 2004 05:29 pm

397K 1:53
“Oh, hiya, I thought I would try this phone post thingy even though none of these phone numbers are loooocal, good thing I have this cell-phone duhilly, yeah, I'm just sittin' here... um.... working on this essay for history class but I can only tolerate wrting about the Emperor of China for so long. Anyhow... um... about the draft it was the potential draft or whatever for this weekend... we've got a couple of road blocks. Like Annica works late until like 9 or something on Friday, and the guys Mike and Lyle they can't do saturday necessily I mean Michael might be able to, but he says he has a Junior Prom he may or may not go to and Lyle Streeter has a LAN party, and I would NEVER stand in the way of a LAN party... so you see what would probably be best is to um... either postpone it for..... well the trick is on Saturday Linda works... um ... in the evening so if we try to do one next Saturday it has to be earlier on in the day; if we wait two weeks she'll have saturday evening off and.. um... I'm not sure what Michael and Lyle are up to, or we can try to do one this Saturday... um ... Linda has a friend from work who might want to come and draft and I'm gonna call Shannon in just a little bit and she would have to sh sh she would have to say about it. Yeah, I just thought I would take a break from that and try this out... tallk about the draft and... um.... yeah, oh, uh, to quote the Emperor of China. "Do not say you were not warned in due time! Tremblingly obey and show no negligence! A special mandate!"”

Transcribed by: teamd

(you hung up without pressing #. posting privately in case it was an accident.)


Tue, Feb. 10th, 2004 07:34 pm

but here it is a theme park inspried by Erich Von Daniken...called duh, duh, duh, Mystery Park